IT Analyst

AHRC Nassau


The IT Analyst for AHRC Nassau will manage the primary SaaS data structure for habilitation services while developing and deploying agency-wide policy, procedure, and system maintenance tools for qualitative assurances.  The IT Analyst will also provide user support through the Help Desk which includes completing requested work orders, customizing training programs for users, assisting with MIS technical support projects and other data analyst system-wide assignments. The IT Analyst will supervise the Medisked Administrator positions and represent AHRC Nassau’s interest accreditations and standards for excellence, along with the IT Department system and security protocols at meetings that include outside members and vendors. In some situations, the IT Analyst may recommend actions based on results and findings. 


Primary duties and responsibilities include but not limited to:


  • Manage primary SaaS Medisked Connect/Exchange System.
  • Supervise Medisked Administrator(s) and Help Desk Resources.
  • Create and join tables, workbooks and other data sets for reporting and problem solving
  • Responsible for reviewing source data including but not limited to, creating storage and retrieval systems, troubleshooting system issues, document creation and filing, and implementing system protocols for data for entry purposes
  • Responsible for completing system audits and reconciling system data per audit to ensure all entered data is accurate and profiles are complete for quality assurance purposes
  • Gather data from both primary and secondary sources, and maintain data flow and dashboards
  • Responsible for spotting and analyzing patterns in data sets and communicating findings which include maintaining open communication with programs until insufficient data lapses are closed
  • Work with the Help Desk to monitor and complete work orders
  • Prepare management reports and maintain reporting schedule dates.
  • Update policy and procedure manuals to ensure corporate compliances
  • Perform additional job-related duties as requested by supervisor.





  • 2 Years supervisory experience; self-motivated, able to work independently and takes initiative.
  • Excellent written, communication, and customer service skills.

There are no physical demands for this position.


To apply, please visit the following URL:

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