STORY: The film is about a youthful and trying kid, who comes to Canada in the desire for becoming fruitful. He is a worldwide understudy who maintains two sources of income to meet closures. He never avoids difficult work. Be that as it may, his life changes when he succumbs to victimization global understudies. The film shows his battles, however the difficulty looked by each global understudy, and how they attempt to battle it.

Audit: Jass Gill a.k.a Jassa (Sidhu Moosewala) fantasies about going to Canada as an understudy and afterward acquiring dollars to make a superior life for him as well as his family. Notwithstanding, his family can’t bear the cost of the cost of sending him to another country, yet they take an advance and send him to Canada. Upon appearance, all that is by all accounts falling at the ideal spot, as he effectively gets a spot to live, sets off for college, and starts working. He turns out to be certain that he can bring in cash not exclusively to pay his expenses however for satisfying the fantasies of his folks. Nonetheless, reality hits him hard when his boss will not pay him since he is a worldwide understudy.


As a global understudy coming directly from Punjab, Sidhu Moosewala attempted to make a persuading showing. Notwithstanding, his abilities actually need a little cleaning and maybe a great deal of training.

Further, the film shows how individuals have biases against global understudies. They accept that global understudies are worthless and they simply come to Canada to ruin the way of life, take sedates, and do each off-base thing conceivable. Jass likewise faces separation on this generalization and he arrives up in a difficult situation. He meanders through the roads destitute, yet not sad. Predetermination at long last works in support of himself, and he lands the position in development. This is the point at which he chooses to do a course in building homes and assembles a Student City, in order to give a rooftop over the heads of worldwide understudies.

This plot associated with the crowd. There are some genuine instances of worldwide understudies being oppressed on different grounds; rejected homes and occupations. Consequently, we can say that the story and the portrayal snared us.

Punjabi entertainer Mandy Takhar was additionally seen playing the lead job in the film. She as Reet was seen depicting the job of Jassa’s affection interest. Her guiltless face and lovely appearances dissolved hearts right away.

In the film, there are various different characters who assumed huge parts. For example, there were understudies who reflected the specific picture that individuals with a predisposition against global understudies had. They used to consume the cash sent by their folks on costly vehicles, medications, clubbing, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. From there on, there was Jassa’s companion, Heera, who made a point to remain by him in each good and bad, and furthermore had him comprehend the effect among good and bad. To wrap things up, Jassa’s uncle showed us the picture of the purported family members who guarantee to have our back constantly, however never live by their words