Twitch is recovering from its the outage that took down everyone’s stream pages


Twitch experienced sitewide issues that made it it look like your favorite streamers deleted their accounts, but it was just a stream outage.

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Twitch is recovering from its first major outage of 2023. During the incident, the streaming site showed blank pages for accounts or “an error has occurred,” which made it appear to some like a streamer deleted their account.

The Twitch outage affected both desktop and mobile users, with iOS and Android users seeing an “error loading followed channels” when opening the app. The search feature didn’t let Twitch mobile users navigate to streamers, either.

The problems started at around 1:10PM ET, and Twitch marked the outage as resolved on its status page at 2:23PM ET. During the incident, the company noted that the outage “could manifest in chat not working, login difficulties, search impaired, etc.”

We’ve reached out to Twitch to comment further on what could’ve caused today’s outage, and we’ll update you accordingly.

Update, January 3rd 1:50PM ET: Article updated with latest status update message.

Update, January 3rd 2:41PM ET: Updated to reflect that the outage is largely over.

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