The Fitbit Sense 2 can now be yours for under $250

SAVE $70: As of Jan. 3, the Fitbit Sense 2 is on sale(opens in a new tab) for $229.95, down from $299.95 on Amazon. That’s a discount of 23%.

The new year is often a time for creating resolutions and planning new routines. As tough as these can be to keep up with, there are definitely tools available to provide assistance. If you need a fitness tracker to help you continue to crush your health and wellness goals, look no further.

As of Jan. 3, the Fitbit Sense 2 is on sale(opens in a new tab) on Amazon for only $229.95. That’s a savings of $70 off its usual listed price of $299.95 — or 23% off. The celebrated smartwatch includes an ECG app that will track any irregularities in your heartbeat so you can get a better handle on your stress levels.

A menstrual tracker and health dashboard will also give you regular updates on your body. Love to exercise outside? The Fitbit Sense 2 includes a built-in GPS. Along with checking your heart rate and including exercise trackers, this smartwatch also tracks your sleep cycles. These are a great way to ensure the quality of your rest is at optimal levels. After all, rest and sleep are just as necessary as any other daily activity.

Depending on your use, you can expect the battery on this watch to last up to 6 days per full charge. Built to work with Amazon Alexa, you can sync the Fitbit Sense 2 to other compatible technologies for better control. Note that this smartwatch isn’t as customizable as other brands, especially since it’s a pure fitness tracker. For anyone concerned about fit, the Fitbit Sense 2 includes two bands with purchase.

Fitness enthusiasts will certainly keep their eye on this deal. Step right to it as this smartwatch is expected to go quickly.

Fitbit Sense 2 against a white background

Credit: Fitbit

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