Teri Meri Jodi is an all around advertised Punjabi film that denotes the film introduction of Punjabi lyricist and vocalist Sidhu Moose Wala. The film was delivered on 13 September 2019 and opened to blended audits wherein a many individuals adulated while others were not dazzled by the film. In this article, we will investigate Teri Meri Jodi film cast, a fast audit of Teri Meri Kahaani, just as subtleties identified with the movies assortments of the film so far after its delivery in theaters.

Teri Meri Jodi Movie Cast

Sammy Gill.

Lord B Chouhan.

Monica Sharma.

Arshdeep Purba

Sidhu Moose Wala.


Vijay Tandon.

Yograj Singh.

As you can see from the rundown of cast over, the film comprises of the two beginners just as veterans from the Punjab entertainment world. The bearing of Teri Meri Jodi is finished by Aditya Sood with creation took care of by Harmandeep Sood.

The narrative of Teri Meri Jodi is set around the cutting edge time just as portions of the story returns around 50 years on schedule. Despite the fact that this film has acquired a ton of promotion for being the presentation Punjabi film of Sidhu Moose Wala, his screentime is very little.

The head of Teri Meri Jodi, Aditya Sood, guaranteed the film to be a work of art before its delivery and furthermore asserted that he will quit putting forth motion pictures in defense individuals don’t care for Teri Meri Jodi.

All things considered, the film isn’t a magnum opus in any way and, best case scenario, is only a one time watch. Despite the fact that the acting exhibition by all the cast in this film is great, the story and screenplay are truly feeble which influences the general agreeability of this film definitely.

The tunes of Teri Meri Jodi has acquired a great deal of ubiquity and furthermore positioned among the Punjabi music chartbusters after discharge. This does not shock anyone in light of the fact that the music is finished by Sidhu Moose Wala himself, whose music has been very famous all over India recently.

The film Teri Meri Jodi is relied upon to have a film industry assortment run of north of 10 crores joined from both homegrown just as abroad business sectors. This shocks no one gratitude to the buzz that the film has had the option to make among Punjabi moviegoers before discharge.

It is worth focusing on that Moose Wala will show up in a short succession in the film. Debutant entertainers in Sammy Gill and Monica Sharma will be seen playing the lead job in the film.

Aside from the triplet, King B Chouhan, Arash Purba and Jazzy Lee Ballerini will likewise be found in the film. While Chouhan and Gill are eminent YouTubers, Sharma has acted in different Hindi TV shows. Veteran entertainers in Yograj Singh and Shakti Kapoor will likewise be seen assuming crucial parts in the motion pictures.

Named Teri Meri Jodi, the film has been composed and coordinated by Aditya Sood, who had prior composed and coordinated Mar Jawan Gur Khake (2010) and Oye Hoye Pyaar Ho Gaya (2013).

The trailer of the film had delivered keep going evening on the authority YouTube channel of White Hill Music. At the hour of composing this article, it has gotten more than 1,000,000 perspectives on a similar stage.

It is apparent from the trailer of the film that it will depict a story going across ages. The family dramatization is probably going to interface stories across ages. In what has offered hints of being a comprehensive undertaking, Teri Meri Jodi will likewise contain contemporary romantic tales. The first and the last scene of the trailer further pass on that the film will be an effort to stroll through the favored comic lines in our industry.

Things being what they are, would you say you are wanting to watch the Teri Meri Jodi film at the theater soon? Additionally, assuming you have effectively watched the film, then, at that point, do leave your audit about the film as a remark beneath to help other people settle on whether or not to watch this film.