The film has great exhibitions by veterans Mahabir Bhullar and Sardar Sohi alongside the gifted child, the National Award victor Sameep Singh

Bobby Sing

As one of the initial not many unique Punjabi films to be delivered on the OTT stage, Seep (a game) challenges the commonplace arrangement continued in Punjabi film and has a go at something new by zeroing in on the neighborhood settings, climate, and town legislative issues.

Composed and coordinated by Gurpreet Gill and Jeet Zahoor, it doesn’t intensely depend upon satire or tunes and has been made as a social dramatization pointing towards a grave issue looked by the state for the last decade. One more certain and novel element of the film remains its attention on the saints, addressing uncommon age bunches as the two granddads and their grandsons, reclassifying kinship on the screen as once in a while seen previously.

The film has great exhibitions by veterans Mahabir Bhullar and Sardar Sohi alongside the skilled child, the National Award victor Sameep Singh. Yet, the remainder of the cast has the standard blend of fine and noisy demonstrations influencing the general effect.

A genuine endeavor to introduce something new, Seep once more takes its fundamental thought from Hindi movies, for example, Naya Daur and Lagaan wherein rivalry is masterminded between two gatherings on a specific condition. Here, the town elderly folks consent to have a round of leak between the two groups to choose whether Panchayat decisions will be held in the town or not.

The essential thought zeroing in on the game is certain going to be energizing for the local crowd, particularly individuals living in comparable environmental elements. In any case, the film has some significant weaknesses restricting its scope and allure. The account has a more slow speed that takes too long to even consider getting to the meaningful part with no exhilarating development of the plot, bringing about an enthusiastic yet dreary peak.

Moreover, the foundation score is exaggerated that continually continues to attempt to lift each scene, frequently giving it a constrained hilarious touch. Be that as it may, most importantly, Seep has a long sub-plot of a medication someone who is addicted and his days spent in the therapy clinic, which in any case has no connection with its center subject. However composed with a respectable aim, the equal account just adds to the length, making it a two-hour film.

Generally speaking, Seep can clearly be viewed as an earnest endeavor with an original plot attempting to break the set example. Be that as it may, Punjabi film genuinely needs to move over its fixation on dramatic demonstrations, constrained sub-plots, comic characters, and social messages intentionally added into the contents.

Title: Seep (Punjabi)

Chiefs: Gurpreet Gill and Jeet Zahoor

Cast: Mahabir Bhullar, Sardar Sohi, Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu, Sonpreet Jawanda, Sameep Ranaut, Naginder Gakhar

Stage: Chaupal

Rating: 2.5 stars