Saak is another Punjabi film that stars debutante Jobanpreet Singh as the male lead and the female lead is Mandy Takhar. The movie is composed and coordinated by Kamaljit Singh and is created by Jatinder Jay Minhas and Rupinder Preet Minhas. It stars Jobanpreet Singh, Mandy Takhar, Mukul Dev, Mahavir Bhullar, Gurdeep Brar, Dilawar Sidhu and more craftsmen.

Outline: Saak spins around the existence of a youthful armed force jawan named Fauji Karam Singh, who returns home for his downtime and is persuasively given the test to get hitched to a young lady named Chan Kaur, who as per the inebriated gathering of individuals in his town, is the most delightful young lady nearby. Chan Kaur, the giggling of Lambardar of another town succumbs to this man since he approaches see her on a full moon night, which as per her town customs, is a promising day for heartfelt unions. Just after this full moon night, Chan Kaur gestures for marriage with Karam Singh and requests that he send over somebody for repairing things. When a middle person converses with her dad about the marriage, the man put across a condition that he won’t wed his little girl to a the admirer armed force. There we go…so at long last Karam and Chan get hitched or not is so that you could find in the theater.

Survey: From the banners, we accepted that Saak would be an account of across the boundary sentiment, from the trailer we imagined that this one will be to some degree near Muklawa yet we were off-base in the two presumptions. Nor is it a cross line sentiment nor is it any way near Muklawa. Saak is a far and away hopelessness that has been served to the crowds as a platter that nobody would truly savor.

The story is tiringly long, purposefully bent and all through the film, one feels regretful over the thing everything is going on onscreen. So this individual returns home for his days off and everybody needs him to get hitched yet unexpectedly at one of the wedding capacities, he is resolute that he’ll see the young lady whom he’ll get hitched to. Alright fine..agai samajh..and then abruptly one of his pind da uncle challenges him ke han bai je zidd fadlai ta kaka Chann Kaur nu vyah ke! For what reason would he do as such assuming he’s not seen her? Additionally, why Chann Kaur in any case? Since she’s pretty or is there any decency in her person as well??

So the following not many scenes are tied in with persuading him that he needs to get hitched to her else…else what? Else kuj ni faltu aevaee…

Laoji..coming to Chann Kaur, Mandy would one say one is amazing wonderful young lady however what wasn’t right with her make up in this film? Chann Kaur’s initial scene made her look awful. 25 pinda cho ta chaddo eh ta 2 pinda cho vi sohni ni lgrhi si. Uparo I neglect to comprehend, for what reason do choreographers not pay damn to the foundation artists when they’re showing them as the entertainer’s companions? They looked like school children before Mandy who was looking excessively developed into (aunt types) moving among them. Awful ensembles, awful suits..bad fitting made her look ‘large’ on the screen. Her naming was terrible and she wasn’t the most ideal decision for this job. Somebody like Himanshi Khurana or Nimrat Khaira would have been more suitable. Additionally, this scene where Karam Singh admits his affection for Chann Kaur infront of all the town young ladies, so just after this scene, all the town young ladies vanish…but where?? (ehna cho ik vi kudi ne ghre jaake dsya ni ke bai ajj eda hoya Chann Kaur naal?)

After this scene, the author’s written lead Chann Kaur is demonstrated to be of such free person that she promptly puts on something else and goes to meet this new lover..kdi ghadey lean, kdi ladai krn..kadi chudiyan len and so forth! (Pind di kudi je eda di hovey ta kirdar di maadi kahi jandi essayist sahb and naale lambardara diyan dheeyan aevaee turiya ni firdiya..sau akhan hundiyan ohna di su len nu)..damn it! (Niri bakwas)

Transport then, at that point, comes deception..where Karam Singh cautions his middle person and plots this succession where nobody should say that he’s a military man. Iss krke ta saari film vich Karam Singh te gussa simulated intelligence janda si and lambardar te would you be able to rest your film’s subject on such lies? Fer armed force te war da point paadita..fer ji news aagai..remarriage lastly reunion..crap and that’s it.

Bekaar story, deadpan acting and unmerited subplots made this film only a hopeless 3-hour watch.

Entertainer Jobanpreet Singh has a valid onscreen persona and he can convey lead jobs yet provided that he’s given great characters. His character is beguiling and the turbanned look works in support of himself.

Mukul Dev needs an extraordinary notice here for being totally squandered as a comic psycho who here and there acts as an experienced companion, now and again as a lost disapproved of numbskull and on occasion is by all accounts a psycho. How is it that you could do this to an entertainer second to none like Mukul yaar?

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Dilawar Sidhu was a delight to watch as was Mahavir Bhullar. Both these entertainers prevailed upon us with their demonstrations.

Every other person in the movie was exaggerating and we could undoubtedly detect that the chief hasn’t saw them while shooting most likely on the grounds that he was occupied with the lead pair as it were.

BTW what was the primary night sorts tune just after that dumb full moon scene?? Uff nale why utilize such an amateurly funny foundation score when the lead pair is demonstrated to trade heartfelt minutes?? (yani kuj vi sorts)

Indeed, even the music wasn’t deserving of a subsequent time hear.

Decision: Saak turns out to be one of the most hopeless movies that can be effectively called as ‘Maha Bore as the creators likely didn’t understand what they’re describing and the finished result turned as a beswadi khichdi.