Roborock debuts S8 robot vacuums with the S8, S8 Pro Ultra, and S8+

Roborock hit it out of the park with the S7 series of robot vacuums. This year, the company is looking to improve on that line with the S8, S8 Pro ultra, and S8+. The new models bring an exceptionally better dock, new mopping systems, and enhanced cleaning with more suction.

With there being a myriad of robot vacuums on the market, Roborock has maintained a top spot in our rankings. The S7 series hit the nail on the head with exceptional room and tracking detection, suction power, and mapping ability.

The S8 series, however, is a step up from last year’s lineup. This year, the Roborock S8 consists of three separate setups, with the S8 being the base model. The S8 has an improved suction rate of 6,000Pa, which is on the higher end of the spectrum. With that, the S8 series utilizes a dual rubber brush system, rejecting hair tangles in the roller and picking up more dust. As far as mopping goes, the S8 series is also equipped with VibraRise 2.0, an improvement to the previous iteration with a frequency of up to 3,000 vibrations a minute.

The S8+ is the mid-tier vacuum in the lineup. It has the same setup as the S8 with a major tweak that makes it easier to set and forget. The S8+ has a dock that allows the vacuum to auto-empty after finishing a clean, whether that’s one room or the whole house.

At the highest end, the Roborock S8 Pro ultra not only has a dock capable of emptying dust, it also empties and refills the water tanks, giving you a fresh water reservoir for the net clean. The RockDock is also capable of heating the mop pad, ensuring bacteria has no room to grow in the fibers.

The S8 Pro Ultra is equipped with the same dual roller system, though both automatically lift up during the mop-only mode. this is handy for keeping the freshly mopped floor as clean as it can be. The other benefit is that the roller and internal mechanics of the S8 Pro Ultra won’t be damaged while the vacuum is cleaning a heavy spill.

With that, Roborock is also coming out with a new handheld option, the Dyad Pro. If you’re looking for raw power alone, the Dyad is going to be your best bet at 17,000Pa. The Dyad Pro can vacuum and wash floors at once, much like the robot vacuum options, though it can fit into tighter spaces.

In all, the new S8 series looks like a great new lineup of robot vacuums and mops by Roborock. If it can build and improve on the S7 series of last year, the S8, S8+, and S8 Pro ultra will likely be contenders for the best vacuums of the year, and it’s only January.

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