Puaada Movie Review : A Romance Set Right By A Series Of Riotously Comic Events

STORY: Puaada is a heartfelt story of an uneducated town kid and a scholarly MBA understudy and the conspicuous resistance of the two families for their coalition. Be that as it may, the turn in this story isn’t in conquering this resistance. Rather it lies in conditions prompting the kid rescuing of the union with save the young lady and her family from psychological militant powers.

Survey: The plot of Puaada starts typically. A town milk seller, Jaggi, (Ammy Virk), succumbs to the girl of an Air Force official, Raunak (Sonam Bajwa) on his outings to her home for the conveyance. The relationship blooms on Raunak’s school grounds for a very long time before Jaggi chooses to move toward her family for marriage. Bring forth silly techniques to persuade her dad, Jaggi’s endeavors are just with regards to proving to be fruitful when a gathering of fear mongers seize his arrangements, taking the film’s story off the way regularly strolled by other romcoms. By taking advantage of his closeness and admittance to the Air Force station due to Raunak’s dad being posted there, the fear mongers hold Jaggi’s family in control till their arrangement to explode the station isn’t understood. To shield Raunak’s family and station from the wretched movement, Jaggi turns down her engagement proposition.

What follows is a wildly funny second half, twisting through manners by which Jaggi and Raunak attempt to shake off fear based oppressors, to rejoin indeed.

Chief, Rupinder Chahal has made an astounding showing of keeping crowds off their seats, breaking with chuckling, while not losing force of the sentiment. Ammy Virk’s person of one more natural man might come as touch dreary yet his depiction of Jaggi is persuading as he catches the less taught, yet monetarily solid man. Jaggi is additionally unique in relation to Ammy’s past rustic characters as he aces the comic planning without seeming to be a clown and on second thought keeps the bliss of the turns alive.

This film has two legends, with the other being Sonam Bajwa. With a shocking screen presence, Sonam carries out Raunak with artfulness of a freed present day young lady, who ditches pointless decorations of wedding a man coordinating with her schooling, settling rather for the genuine article love and care from her accomplice. Without being the male saint, Sonam leads with absolute womanliness even as she is beating and pursuing the miscreants, and while quarreling in sweetheart’s squabble in baldfaced language. Credit to films like ‘Puaada’ that are chipping at the prop tag from female leads in Punjabi films.

The music is another highpoint as it stays up with the pleasantness of the plot and stays hummable long after you leave the theater.

Different characters who play the ideal aides to draw out the fun are played by veteran entertainers Anita Devgn, Hardeep Gill, Seema Kaushal, Gurpreet Bhangu and Sukhwinder Chahal.