Pixel Launcher search bar swaps Assistant logo for microphone logo

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Assistant is without a doubt one of Google’s most significant items today and its unmistakable quality, just as capacity, will just increment later on. Google has made a little change to how Assistant outwardly shows up on Pixel telephones as the Pixel Launcher presently settles on a receiver icon.

On Pixel telephones today, there are four different ways to dispatch Google Assistant:

  1. Ok/Hey Google hotword
  2. Swipe up from the base corners on Android 10+
  3. Active Edge (being staged out)
  4. Tap the Assistant symbol in the Pixel Launcher search bar

Google has somewhat changed that last technique. Rather than the Assistant logo made out of circles framing a ‘G’ shape, a mouthpiece symbol shows up. It’s a similar one that has since quite a while ago showed up in the Google app.This is an odd marking chance that really diminishes the conspicuousness of Assistant, yet it makes the entirety of Google’s inquiry fields — across web and versatile — identical.

In terms of usefulness, there is a slight switch to what exactly springs up. On the Pixel 4 and 4a, the transparent new Google Assistant UI doesn’t show up. Or maybe, clients on all Pixel gadgets get a short, adjusted sheet that asks “Hello there, how might I help?” at the top. Standard controls show up at the base, while the 4/4a sees the light bar. This underscores the new reduced Assistant that simply turned out to non-NGA devices.

That stated, you can keep on propelling Assistant as you ordinarily would today. There is no distinction to how it functions. In the Google application, that receiver symbol propelled the old, pre-Assistant “Voice search” experience.In certainty, that likewise observes a change on gadgets that have the new symbol. An Assistant symbol is added to the Google application sheet that takes up the greater part of your screen to acknowledge an order. This interface despite everything performs Google searches.As of today, Pixel Launcher search bar on most gadgets have the amplifier symbol supplanted by the Assistant logo.

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