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There’s a champ, however it’s a nearby race

It’s genuinely simple to examination shop between Android phones, yet in case you’re likewise thinking about an iPhone, it’s not exactly one type to it’s logical counterpart (joke proposed). Specs don’t simply persist, and there’s the a lot greater inquiry of programming and biological system lock-in. We’re the TAW, so we have an unmistakable plan with regards to which is better, regardless of whether the 2020 iPhone SE genuinely wowed us. Be that as it may, Google terminated right back with the likewise fantastic Pixel 4a, undermining Apple on cost. Eventually, we lean toward the Pixel 4a, yet that doesn’t make it a simple triumph.

This isn’t some by the numbers hands-off examination, I’ve effectively utilized every one of these gadgets consecutive. They’re both impartially extraordinary smartphones, and keeping in mind that your needs may at last show up at an unexpected judgment in comparison to mine, I’ve attempted to incorporate the entirety of my own impressions independently so you can reach your own decision dependent on your own qualities.

Assemble Quality

With regards to modern plan and physical quality, the iPhone SE beats the Pixel 4a without any problem. The SE has an IP rating, aluminum outline, convenient equipment ringer switch, wireless charging and a greatly improved feel close by generally. It even comes in three unique hues, on the off chance that you need yours to stick out. The Pixel 4a, then again, has a flimsier plastic body, no IP rating, no wireless charging, just comes in exhausting dark, and has an evidently less expensive inclination, however it accuses of a more all inclusive USB Type-C port contrasted with the iPhone’s upsetting and exclusive “Lightning” connector.

The SE is additionally littler, and that can be a decent or an awful thing. I for one lean toward the somewhat bigger size of the Pixel 4a — which is nearly the ideal size for a phone, as I would like to think — however I additionally have huge hands. People that appreciate little smartphones or who have littler hands may favor the SE.

The Pixel 4a has one physical bit of leeway over the SE that could influence a few clients, however: a headphone jack. While people dropping $1,000 leaders are evidently fine with spending another or 200 bucks on headphones and Bluetooth sound connectors, it’s a greater amount of an inconvenience at this value point, and it’s pleasant getting the Pixel 4a and realizing you won’t need to burn through 1/4 the expense of your phone on a couple of headphones to go with it when you update.

In conclusion, while it doesn’t make a difference the slightest bit for this correlation, the force and volume catches on the Pixel 4a are the most charmingly clicky of any phone I’ve utilized, similar to minimal crushable containers of dopamine. Simply needed to make reference to it.


While I think this subject is quite obvious, it does relies upon what you esteem more and are happy to settle on. The iPhone SE beats the Pixel 4a as far as specs and speed, yet in case you’re willing to settle with regards to unadulterated preparing power — and you’re certainly settling there with the Pixel 4a, don’t trick yourself — different subtleties like the Pixel 4a’s exceptionally pleasant OLED panel, better battery life, and twofold the extra storage for $50 for less are focuses in support of its.

The iPhone SE is an extremely, quick phone, and Apple’s A13 Bionic adequately hits not simply the mid-go chipset in the Pixel 4a, however every SoC in each Android phone period. That doesn’t simply mean it’s quicker and better for gaming now in 2020, it additionally implies it will age significantly more effortlessly after some time.

All things considered, I like the taller, somewhat more honed, edge-to-edge OLED screen on the Pixel 4a more than the littler, 16:9, bezelicious IPS show on the iPhone SE. The Pixel 4a likewise has an any longer enduring battery, and 128GB base memory option for $100 not exactly the 128GB SE is a decent touch. In the event that those subtleties matter more to you than unadulterated force or gaming execution, and on the off chance that you plan on overhauling before speed (or updates) become an issue, at that point the Pixel 4a could be a superior wagered. All things considered, I imagine that the 2020 iPhone SE has better equipment in general.


The 2020 iPhone SE’s camera is an expert, particularly at the cost, yet the Pixel camera is exceptionally difficult to beat. While I discover photographs from the SE to be totally fine and more than adequate for nearly anybody, the Pixel 4a is still better.

Somewhat this involves taste and favoring the Pixel’s picture preparing, but on the other hand it’s simply unbiasedly better in specific conditions, similar to all the more testing lighting. It additionally has highlights like Night Sight, an astrophotography mode, and a helpful power button camera alternate route that the SE essentially needs.

PIXEL 4A samples:-

Iphone SE 2020 samples :-

All the more basically, the Pixel 4a is happy to acknowledge marginally more clamor to save subtleties, while the SE can be somewhat muddier on a yield. The SE likewise has somewhat more forceful edge honing for upgraded complexity and “pop,” and keeping in mind that dynamic range on the iPhone is unbiasedly quite acceptable, it’s not as incredible as Google’s 4a. The iPhone SE is at the same time bound to overexpose, yet in addition pound the detail in shadows of generally sufficiently bright scenes that the Pixel can normally spare — continually intriguing given to see given the Pixel’s propensity for somewhat underexposing pictures.

Unarguably, general camera execution comes down to taste. In any case, all things considered, the Pixel 4a has some additional highlights that improve it our psyche on head of our abstract inclination for its photographs.

Software experience

Please, we’re the Android boys, I’m not going to prescribe iOS over Android to our viewers. We believe Google’s android is better, period.

Regardless of whether you think of us as a target source or not, there are a great deal of things about Android that make it simpler to accomplish work, and Apple’s notifications on iOS feels a strong decade failing to meet expectations. While I love the effortlessness of Apple’s product now and again, we’re a lover site, we’re not hesitant to get our hands grimy, and we both need and need the additional reconciliations, customization, Android’s simplicity of giving substance among applications, and the adaptability of setting our own application defaults.

In any case, there’s one major advantage to claiming an iPhone that even Android fanboys can’t challenge: Updates. The Pixel 4a is just ensured to get updates refreshes August 2023. Apple doesn’t unequivocally guarantee it out to a particular date, however the organization has given around five years of software refreshes for its iPhone models. In the event that Android’s more noteworthy opportunity and adaptability don’t make a difference to you, at that point this could be sufficient to swing the SE in support of yourself paying little heed to whatever else on this rundown.

Overlooking the essential working framework contrasts, there are additionally different advantages to Pixel possession, similar to programmed call screening (excessively valuable with how terrible spam is at this moment) and the quick on-gadget Google Assistant, which is miles more helpful than Siri.

All that stated, in case you’re utilized to and put resources into iOS, I’d genuinely suggest against doing the switch. Apple is truly adept at securing its clients in its environment — even as it won’t give options in contrast to things like the App Store. In the event that Apple has you hostage through its different profound stage combinations and other Apple items and administrations, you should most likely simply stay with what you know and overlook this point (and, in all honesty, all Android gadgets) totally.


I’m persuaded Google was focusing when locales (counting us) guessed despondency for the Pixel 4a after the iPhone SE’s delivery. While it was past the point where it is possible to change the phone’s equipment subtleties, there were two different ways Google could abstain from being sidelined: expanding base stockpiling or diminishing cost. All things considered, Google did both, undermining a year ago’s Pixel 3a and the 2020 iPhone SE by $50 while conveying twofold the capacity of both at 128GB.

This is an indirect method of saying the Pixel 4a at $349 is eminently more affordable than the base stockpiling 2020 iPhone SE at $399 when purchased out and out. What’s more, in the event that you analyze the 128GB adaptations of the two phones at $349 versus $449, the 4a times in at $100 (or 22%) less expensive, which is a really enormous distinction. All things considered, transporter advancements and agreement estimating will fluctuate, as will deal costs.

So which would it be advisable for you to purchase?

The iPhone SE is a generally excellent phone at an awesome cost, yet we think the Pixel 4a is still better. What’s more, regardless of whether you trust us or not, that is in any event, disregarding our assessment with regards to the Android versus iOS differentiation. In any case, it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you think of us as goal regarding that matter or not, different highlights like the lower cost, multiplied capacity, better camera, better battery life, headphone jack, and screen all work in the Pixel 4a’s kindness. The SE is unarguably quicker, has a genuinely better form with an IP rating, remote charging, and it will get refreshes for a mess longer (which is a truly serious deal), yet having utilized both, I despite everything favor the Pixel 4a.

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