Delivery Date: 28 September, 2018

Starcast: Kulwinder Billa, Wamiqa Gabbi, Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sangha, Sardar Sohi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Anita Meet, Malkit Rouni, Nirmal Rishi, Rupinder Rupi, Tarshem Paul, Dilawar Sidhu, Gurpreet Bhangu, Parkash Gadu, Raj Dhaliwal, Akshita and Navdeep Kaler.

Created by: Mohit Banwait, Mani Dhaliwal, Sumeet Singh

Coordinated By: Amrit Raj Chadha and Mohit Banwait

Storyline: Parahuna’s story rotates around a man who is looking for a lady for himself but since he’s an impassioned Preeti Sapru fan, so needs a young lady who resembles her. He winds up going to a progression of services during the wedding festivities of a companion of his. That is the place where he meets his ideal lady of the hour and what unfurls next is for you to see.

Audit: Parahuna opens to a provincial Punjabi family where a young lady’s family members are attempting to track down an appropriate husband to be for herself and wind up sitting at Gurjant’s (Kulwinder Billa) home. Uninterested Janta flees and in transit chances upon Lambardar (Karamjit Anmol) who is headed to his brother by marriage’s wedding. On coming to, one is acquainted with very many characters during the wedding adventure however the superb spotlight falls on Patwari (Harby Sangha) and Mano (Wamiqa Gabbi).

The film gives you a sensation that this has happened before of Manje Bistre, because of similar characters and comparable areas. The discoursed help you to remember Laavan Phere. Thusly, one can call Parahuna and combination of the attempted and tried hit equation of Manje Bistre and Laavan Phere.

The principal half is a sudden trade of insults and put-downs that could appear to be somewhat boisterous and hauled yet the subsequent half is moderately more charming. The story is overall quite fair and one identifies with it.

As far as exhibitions, Kulwinder Billa has been kept a little inconspicuous and significant spotlight has been given to Karamjit Anmol and Harby Sangha. Yet at the same time, as a presentation lead, Billa squeezes into his person convincingly well. Then again, Wamiqa didn’t have a lot to do. While every other person was talking in the typicale territorial complement, Wamiqa’s naming was done in a significantly more metropolitan manner, which debilitated her person, as far as acceptability.

Entertainers like Sardar Sohi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Nirmal Rishi, Rupinder Rupi and rest had screen time, however none of them truly had anything generous to do. All things considered, Gurpreet Bhangu had a moderately better job.

As far as heading, the film had a smooth stream with a ton of top shots and that’s just the beginning, yet was generally speaking well done.

Parahuna’s tune were hummable and my top picks out of all are Tich Button and Ramte. Indeed, even the others were melodic.


Discussing the discoursed, for the metropolitan populace, understanding specific words could be somewhat troublesome, as it was intended for me yet indeed, the exchanges are chuckle inciting.

By and large Verdict: Parahuna is a pleasant family film which can be a wellspring of amusement for your end of the week. An easy decision, this present one’s a watchable film.