After ‘Reach’, one more web series was delivered by Chaupal. The series named ‘Murabba’ is coordinated by D.K.Bains and delivered under Ambarsariye Productions and Dheeraj Kumar Karan Sandhu. The series is composed by Preet Mahla and Loveena Bagga. The D.O.P is K Sunil and the ambient sound is created by Manpal Singh.

The cast incorporates Yaad Grewal, Saniya Pannu, Mahabir Bhullar, Preet Bathh, Dheeraj Kumar, Ronak Joshi, Shamsher Dhillon, Latika Arora, D.S. Chahal, Pritpal Pali, Swaran Singh, ArmaanPreet Singh Mann, Mr. Sonu, Sukhwinder Virk, Narain Malhi, Amandeep Gill, Guri aman and Malkeet Shergill. Likewise Read: Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan Opens Up On Her Struggle Days!


The tale of ‘Murabba’ equivalent to we found in the trailer. It is around 25 sections of land of land that everybody needs to claim. This 25-section of land is called ‘Murabba’, thus the name. The storyline is extremely basic, what the majority of the characters need is to claim the land. Essentially, the series’ interest group is individuals who are or have come from a town foundation since they can associate with this battle about land proprietorship.

The creators have attempted to make the series appealing anyway the creation might have been improved at specific spots. As a matter of first importance, the story has been extended more than the necessity. To clarify, the 6 scene series might have been incorporated into 4-5 scenes just for we accept that the time devoted to watching this series was not great. Additionally, the story was generally speaking lacking as there were various focuses where the crowd could disengage or lose interest in the series. Additionally Read: Do You Know Binnu Dhillon Has Also Featured In Bollywood Movies!


The course done by D. K. Bains has a great deal of missteps that need improvement. One, when two characters are having a discussion, we can’t see the essence of the individual who is talking, for instance, when Preet Bathh and Yaad Grewal are talking in a scene and Grewal is talking, the shot we see is of his back which is a major negative in light of the fact that not having the option to see the articulations or exchange conveyance of the entertainer causes the crowd to lose interest. Two, there is one more mistake in the naming of the series. So in a scene, we can hear Yaad Grewal give the signal “Hanji”, however when you see the scene, there is no lip development which likewise disturbs the stream.

Murabba 2021 S01
Murabba 2021 S01

There is likewise an abundance of slow-movement shots, there’s an abrupt shift to slow-mo cuts at whatever point a person enters. This shift hampers with the development as well as isn’t in any event, satisfying for the watcher’s eye. All things considered, embed a sluggish movement impact to show a serious scene; there are alternate ways this could’ve been cultivated. Presently, there was a scene between Dheeraj Kumar and Ronak Joshi which (not to let out any spoilers) is totally level. There could’ve been ambient sound added into the arrangement to make it seriously engaging or engaging however nothing as such was finished. So the watcher simply wants to quick advance the scenes and there were numerous scenes that weren’t needed to be added in! Likewise Read: Punjabi Actor-Director Vikram Dhillon Booked For Cheating

Presently, this might appear to be a spoiler, however to stay away from that I’ll keep it somewhat dubious—the manner in which the completion for the characters’ has been done ought to have been drawn closer in an unexpected way. In another scene, when Yaad Grewal’s dad is killed we can simply hear the discharge however we don’t have the foggiest idea about the justification for why he is killed by any means. Besides, a significant bumble was the time spans—there was no lucidity whether the scene was going on in the present or from a past situation. It was just later that you understand what occurred.


Going to the acting piece of the series, when entertainers like Yaad Grewal are the star projected, it has an effect in the end result. An alternate shade of Grewal can be found in this undertaking and he has done equity to the person he was told to play. In general the acting of Saniya Pannu, Mahabir Bhullar and Preet Bathh was sufficient. Deepak Kumar’s acting appeared truly noisy while Ronak Joshi’s acting was in reality beautiful amazing. Joshi’s acting was right on track and it seemed like he was made for the person he was given a role as! Likewise Read: Did You Know Gauahar Khan’s Actual Debut In The Punjabi Industry Was In 2003!

To finish up, there were scenes that were left incomplete which expected to have more data and simultaneously, there were unrequired scenes placed into the series. There is a great deal of room for web series being made by the Punjabi business for refinement. A significant mishap in our industry is the issue of naming which when fouled up, ruins the entire watching experience.

Ultimately, our assumptions from Chaupal are a lot higher in the wake of watching films like ‘Kindly Kill Me’. So getting a web series like ‘Murabba’, which could’ve been enhanced such countless levels, is a failure. Obviously, the Punjabi business is developing with a more extensive scope of content now however everybody needs to up their games assuming we need the Punjabi business to ascend higher. Likewise Read: Director Taj’s New OTT Film ‘Dustbin’ Announced!