‘Save The Girl Child’, ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ these missions and mottos have been very well known and have even acquired a lot of force in the beyond couple of years. Munda Hi Chahida, which implies just a kid youngster is required, depends on a similar issue, or should we say shows the urgency of having a male kid. Let’s assume it in whichever words, it’s a subject which is very important even in this 21st century, particularly in the towns of India?

Dharmendra, played by Harish Verma, is the sole provider of a family that incorporates his significant other, two girls, a mother, three sisters and a dad who has left everything on his child.

Under the steady tension of satisfying the requirements of his family, his disappointment influences his expert life also. On top of this is his mom’s conviction, which additionally turns into the support of his conduct and activities, that it is the male youngster who finishes a family. Thus, when his better half is pregnant with their third kid, this extremely thought turns into his reality. To have the option to get a child kid, he goes to a baba and adheres to his directions, does solutions for please Gods so he be honored with a kid. What unfurls merits a watch.

The film has not just wonderfully depicted the predicament of Dharmendra, it has additionally displayed the family set up in an exceptionally practical, interesting way. The content is brimming with amazing discoursed sprinkled with great measure of humor. The treatment of the film is novel and it unquestionably has its heart in the perfect spot.

Dharmendra’s feelings, his defenselessness, family and prevailing burdens are obvious. It’ll be reasonable for say Harish Verma has given a power-stuffed execution. Rubina Bajwa as his significant other Rani is similarly charming. A straightforward lady who adores her family and spotlights on its bliss is all around projected by Rubina in couple of words however profound, insightful articulations.

The entertainers who play the family, Dharmendra’s companions and surprisingly the baba played by Rahul Jugraj have all given their best to the story. A watcher stays drew in all through this enthusiastic, high-on-power portrayal. The summit is a solid yet glad one with a bring home message.

The producers have invested hard energy in all parts of the film. The picturisation, the cinematography and surprisingly the couple of melodies are on the whole worth appreciating.

In a male centric culture, this happy parody with a delicate subject at its center requests consideration, incites musings, touches off feelings and causes you to mull over with regards to the narratives of those young ladies who go through predispositions, live in the shadows all since they are young ladies. These are young ladies who love their families, look for freedoms to demonstrate their strength and stand side by side with their partner.

On the off chance that we call this a cutting edge world, it’s time we get rid of the shame joined with sex.

Consequently, Munda Hi Chahida, a family performer, has a message that should be put across uproarious and clear. As goes its exchange No she, no he, just ji!