Named after his country, Farid Singh Brar, played by Roshan Prince, is brought up in Faridkot. Investing energy at the ranch or with his dearest companion Maddi (Sumit Gulati) is all that is there to his life. Discontent with such a purposeless existence of her child, Rupinder Kaur pushes him to get hitched to a Canadian young lady and settle there. Frightened by his folks’ interest, he appeals to remain in Faridkot. His desire is allowed yet all the other things flips around as he winds up in Faridkot of Pakistan. Here’s the point at which the whole cast of the film comes to assume their part.

To put it plainly, the story truly starts. Barely stunned and not in any event, thinking about a method for getting back, Farid essentially figures out how to lead his days. He goes about as a stupid individual so nobody finds his personality. He resides and serves at Baba Farid’s dargah where he falls head over heels—all consuming, instant adoration, exactly, with Mariyam (Sharan Kaur). Next we know, he deals with a task of a driver at Mariyam’s place.

All consuming, instant adoration is anything but a one-time thing in this film. Mariyam’s companion and their servant’s (Karamjit Anmol) sister Nazia (Navpreet Kaur) experiences passionate feelings for Farid the moment he goes into the house. In this, not to miss, Hobby Dhaliwal, Mariyam’s uncle, is the top of this family. You’ll not have the option to neglect in any event, briefly that it is a Pakistani family, because of the much accentuation laid on the vernacular and word usage. It can undoubtedly be called exaggerated.

Everybody is carrying on with their lives. There are a rare scenes across the boundary. The fundamental explanation might be a mother sobbing for her child, yet these scenes are maybe intended to add some humor, which they generally neglect to do.

Presently, before one sorts out whether it is a circle of drama in Pakistan, there is another story that unfurls.

Along these lines, what’s persuading here is Mukul Dev, who plays Darvesh, an old and run down man living under a tree at the dargah. Mukul Dev also is an Indian who chose to wait in Pakistan during Partition for his first love. How he develops old there, you will know when you watch the film. Planning to win over Mariyam, Farid cares very little about returning home. When he admits his affection, Mariyam abruptly is wildly enamored with him. This also is very bizarre, as never before this, she has shown interest in him. Yet, that is about the screenplay and bearing.

As a debutant, Sharan Kaur looks pretty on screen as well as figures out how to make her quality felt. Navpreet, then again, doesn’t have a lot to her person. Karamjit Anmol has a significant part and makes a reasonable showing of it. BN Sharma, as in different movies, is there to sprinkle some silly touch yet only occasionally succeeds. Roshan Price looks honest and delightful generally, yet there are times when his person sneaks off. You can’t actually fault him in light of the fact that those are escape clauses in the content. Excepting the specialized flimsy spots, it merits seeing if the cross-line couple figures out how to join together or not.