Moosa Jatt

At long last! The day has come. Sidhu Moosewala isn’t allowing his introduction to film go a waste. Moosa Jatt has at last gained the Certification from the Censor Board of Film Certification. The film will be delivered in India on 8 October 2021. Sidhu fans couldn’t have had a more joyful day than this!

The crowd was extremely amped up for Sidhu Moosewala and Sweetaj Brar starrer Moosa Jatt the day it was reported, in light of the fact that it wasn’t only a generally expected film. It was a film that would stamp the entertainment world introduction of presumably perhaps the greatest star Punjabi Music Industry has at any time ever. The melodies were delivered, the authority trailer was delivered, everything was totally set up. The group and the crowd were preparing for 1 October, 2021 to at last show up when the film would make its overall dramatic delivery however the control crowd had various plans.

The film confronted a blue pencil from the Censor Board of Film Certification which banished it from delivering in India on the booked date. The crowd were hit with sorrow as they saw their fervor of watching Sidhu act go to no end. Faults were put and articulations were made with respect to the Moosa Jatt group and Sidhu himself. At long last the group chose to deliver the film as planned in the remainder of the world and faced the legitimate conflict in India. Then again, it was reported that the film will be delivered on the Punjabi OTT stage, Chaupal.

What’s more, apparently the Moosa Jatt group has been effective in the fight. The film has been shown the go-ahead by the edit board and given the much anticipated certificate to deliver in India. The maker of the film, Rrupaali shared an Instagram post to report the most joyful information at the top of the hour. Moosa Jatt is at long last delivered! Book the date as of now, 8 October, 2021.