oney Heist” is a Spanish TV series made by Álex Pina with the first title “La Casa de Papel” (“The Paper House” in Spanish). The wrongdoing dramatization series was broadcasted on Spanish organization Antenna 3 then, at that point, was overall delivered by Netflix few months after the fact. From the outset, “Cash Heist” was wanted to be a restricted series which is just with regards to the theft of the Royal Mint of Spain yet Netflix persuaded Álex Pina to deliver all the more new spin-offs because of its worldwide accomplishment on streaming stage. In 2018, “Cash Heist” won 46th International Emmy Awards for the Best Drama Series.

In this audit, I just examine the main season which is isolated into two pieces of 25 scenes (13+9) since the subsequent season has not completed at this point. The audit contains spoilers so pause for a moment before perusing. In season 1 (section 1 and 2), the series presents a gathering of looters who have distinctive individual conditions that want truckload of cash. The group is enrolled by a man called “Teacher” who has been anticipating an apparently inconceivable heist of the Royal Mint of Spain for a long time. They need to possess the Royal Mint with prisoners and attempt to delay from the police to print new cash for themselves. In doing as such, they take no cash of anybody and still become rich. Every one of part needs to pick a city name as his/her codename (Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo and Nairobi) and they are instructed and prepared by Professor numerous months prior to the occasion. [Spoiler] After couple of days inside the Mint and getting outer bearing from Professor, the pack effectively escape with 2.4 billion euros alongside the setback of two dead individuals.

The “awesome” plan

Not at all like many movies that have “heist” topic, “Cash Heist” doesn’t address an almost unthinkable riddle with an ideal arrangement and specialists of burglary. Educator conveys a heist which uncovers numerous lethal blunders along its way and continued by a gathering of risky individuals. In any case, it is the hazardous arrangement of Professor that successes the crowd’s fervor because of its authenticity which is not normal for different plans in “Sea’s Eleven” or “Mission Impossible”.

Albeit many missteps are made all through the heist by every part, the group figures out how to beat because of the reinforcement plans and adaptability in discovering arrangements. Thus, the crowd may feel the arrangement is wonderful generally speaking. Nonetheless, what makes it sound wonderful is the practical vision of Professor who accepts this is a flawed arrangement executed by defective people. The vision makes him fixate on the subtleties and takes him numerous years to investigate each part of the heist from the police’s system in arranging lawbreakers and saving prisoners to prisoner’s brain research and practices in dangerous circumstances. Each hazard distinguished in the arrangement gets one more arrangement to cover.

The shared objective means everybody’s objective

The crowd is shown every part’s previous existence and how they end up in this insane activity. Obviously, every one of them is at the impasse of their lives, no retreat, in enormous obligation and having a genuine illness, they share a shared objective which is “cash”. The inspiration is driven by two reasons: they don’t have anything to lose and the achievement of the heist would present to them another life. Be that as it may, every burglar considers it to be his/her own objective and a few professes to kill any individual who endeavor to demolish the arrangement. Therefore, the group has numerous genuine interior issues which nearly cut the heist down and the Royal Mint almost got penetrated by the police. Being secured inside the Mint in quite a while, alongside the setbacks brought about by the opposing prisoners and police, the group discover that they need to cooperate to get away from the Mint alive.

On the police side, colonel Prieto and examiner Raquel uncover their contention on focusing on in saving prisoners. Prieto serves in the Spanish Intelligence and follows every one of the public authority’s political headings to safeguard the public ordered data and tact since the British envoy’s little girl — Alison Parker is one of the prisoners. Obviously, he focuses on Alison over different prisoners and requests Raquel do likewise. Then again, Raquel is a survivor of the corruptive enactment and abusive behavior at home who has less trust on the framework and spotlights on the most empathetic and most attractive arrangements in any event, when they don’t adjust to the position. The difference adversely influences the police’s endeavors in being keen over the burglars to figure out how to penetrate. At the point when they understand the astuteness of Professor can’t be belittled and they can’t against him alone, Prieto chooses to pay attention to Raquel and they share one objective is to safeguard the prisoners as quickly as time permits.

The change of motivations behind both the burglars and the police especially happens when each side perceives the genuine strength of each other and uncovers that they can’t win this battle alone.

Disarray in moral viewpoint

Prior to the attack, Professor presents not many standard procedures that are illegal to disregard during the heist like no heartfelt connection or no killing honest. Those standards don’t simply keep everything proficient, they additionally recognize them to different crooks, they may disregard the law yet not the human standards. It is more clear in the manner every individual from the posse treats the prisoners, they profess to be a despot to cause the prisoners to obey yet share sympathy to them. Moscow has a respiratory failure in the wake of hearing his child — Denver just killed a prisoner (which turns out he didn’t). He lets Denver know that they are hoodlums, not killers. The humanism is uncovered all the more fundamentally when different individuals differ the manner in which Tokyo utilizing Russian roulette to grill Berlin despite the fact that they show solid dread of him as a danger of the posse.

In contrast to the burglars, the police serves the law and the public authority’s guidelines. They follow essentially on the grounds that it is the law and they accept unequivocally it addresses reality. Nonetheless, depending intensely on the power causes their inner voice more vulnerable, particularly when the law no longer adjusts to the human standards. Prieto focuses on saving Alison Parker and this may influence other’s security. He disregards the way that everybody ought to be dealt with something very similar in spite of their experiences or titles. Raquel’s ex — Alberto Vicuna charges Professor (he utilizes a phony name as “Salva Martin”) with police provocation despite the fact that Alberto is the person who begins the battle. The circumstance implies the force of the police filling some unacceptable need. Eventually, the disappointment of the police in settling this heist is enormously contributed by the authority since their demonstrations are to cover their imperfections and hold their standing as opposed to saving prisoners.

[Spoiler] The most famous picture of the main season is when examiner Raquel chooses to switch side. Raquel is initially the person who serves the law as she trusts it conveys equity. Nonetheless, the law doesn’t carry equity to Raquel since her ex continues intruding on her life and taking steps to remove her girl regardless of the sentence from the court. In the wake of learning the defilement of the public authority in monetary angle from Professor, the arrangement of right or wrong that she used to follow is breakdown. Her choice on exchanging side significantly addresses the exchanging of her life standards.

All in all, the series employments “heist” as a subject to convey further messages of human instincts. The greatness of “Cash Heist” is depicting different sides whose garments addresses their positions (dark suit on the police side and red jumpsuit with veil on the burglar side) however their activities show a contrary view. The crowd gets an opportunity to mirror their own arrangement of convictions and their place of perspectives on each life viewpoint, what is correct, what’s going on. In addition, the series gives contacting snapshots of companionship and feelings which can show up any time in the association between people paying little heed to the callings we are into.

Nguyen Hoang Bao