Lahoriye Film Review : Amberdeep’s Debut Directorial Brings Alive Cross Cultural Romance In The Most Sophisticated Way!

Amberdeep Singh’s ‘Lahoriye’ is an ideal illustration of a film made with the right sort of aims.

Chief : Amberdeep Singh

Starcast : Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta, Yuvraj Hans, Nimrat Khaira, Nirmal Rishi, Gugu Gill, Hobby Dhaliwal, Rajiv Dhingra

At the point when we saw Lahoriye’s trailer, we could figure that there’s substantially more involved than simply love across political boundaries and we were correct!

Lahoriye is an insightfully made family performer that will cause you to hear mumbles while strolling towards the leave that ‘Ik minute vi bore ni kita film ne’. Extremely dissimilar to the Mahesh Bhatt show ‘Dushman’, Lahoriye contacts the more profound harmonies yet with most extreme affectability. This film is one of those couple of deliveries that Punjabis would value and it may even get the visa officials of both the nations occupied in the coming days, on account of the sentimentality it incites.

Extremely near the real world, Lahoriye delicately brushes on the feelings that our grandparents passed on to us through their segment stories. However we’ve generally heard them and felt sorry over their situation yet where it counts, in the wake of seeing Lahoriye, this one inclination that has out of nowhere emitted is that a few houses and secret fortunes are certainly as yet anticipating their actual proprietors, be it in India or in Pakistan. Political boundaries have left numerous with only recollections of those past times.


Lahoriye is the narrative of an agent named Kikkar Singh (Amrinder Gill) and Ameera (Sargun Mehta) who experience passionate feelings for across the boundaries. Their families are an all around same sorts and within story is something that I won’t uncover in light of the fact that that is for you to see and appreciate.

Amrinder Gill has once more demonstrated that his delicate, charming, chocolate kid picture turns out best for himself and he is really normal as Kikkar Singh. His grin is without a doubt enchanted and the science he’s common with Sargun has developed colossally, since this pair has completed 3 movies together as of now.

Sargun Mehta is a genuine entertainer, who plays out her characters by getting shallow into them. Her eyes represent her and her looks are genuinely honorable. Her onscreen blending with Amrinder has effectively been acknowledged by the crowds with great enthusiasm and from what I can see, the couple could be named as an ideal onscreen fit for one another, particularly like SRK-Kajol.

An extraordinary notice must be made here for an astounding in entertainer his job. I’m discussing Yuvraj Hans. Excessively great a decision for his person. His middle splitting and shalwar kurta made him look all of a Pakistani fellow and his eyes and discoursed made his person approach to near a unique from that dirt.

The remainder of the characters have been planted mindfully and did their parts convincingly well.

The main rebel in the film was the presentation entertainer Nimrat Khaira. I feel she actually needs to clean her acting abilities and ought to rigorously stay away from a middle separated haircut as it makes her cheeks look extremely plump.

Likewise, the scene where both the oldies meet, towards the end, might have been somewhat more emotional. The entire grouping of homecoming and haveli discovering causes one heartbroken yet the tears to appear to dry out in a matter of seconds in light of the fact that the jhappi dad simple yaara type scene happened quickly and in obscurity.

Amberdeep as a chief has satisfied my hopes and I anticipate seeing more movies under his heading. I would genuinely trust that he attempts to show his abilities in metropolitan romantic tales just as the cutting edge age likewise needs to witness stories that around them, all things considered.

By and large, Lahoriye is an exceptionally fulfilling family film that will cause you to want to return on schedule and getting those who’ve left for their magnificent home a visa to visit their country atleast once before they inhale their last. On the off chance that not more, you’ll atleast feel a small squeeze in your heart for the people who were left destitute during those deplorable occasions.