A drought of over a year in Punjabi film, last being Chal Mera Putt 2 which delivered seven days before the lockdown on March 13, 2020, the principal film this year, Kuriyan Jawan Bapu Pareshaan, marks all the crates—dramatization, satire, and a social message. Keeping it pertinent to the Covid times, just it has two social warnings, wear cover and the other one that goes against the film’s title—equivalent treatment for young lady youngster.

Our storyteller, a dhobi, who sits outside Sharma Niwas, says, “Jisne bahar nikalna hai na, usne matke se bhi nikal jana hai’ fits well for the three girls of Sunil Sharma (Karamjit Anmol), Kriti (Ekta Gulati Khera), Dimple (Piyu Sharma) and Sandy (Love Gill), who get themselves out regardless of the relative multitude of obstacles put by their family.

Starting with one storyteller then onto the next, this time the dhobi’s child, played by Anmol Sidhu, who likewise turns out to be the author of the film, the story picks pace from the second he puts a veil close by his dad’s representation saying, ‘had he utilized it, he would have been alive’. Another focus point for the watchers!

Karamjit is persuading as the dad of three youthful little girls. The film additionally puts across a point about stressing fathers who put limitations for girls not on the grounds that they have trust issues but since they feel the world is an awful spot for young ladies. Gurnam Bhullar, Kamal Khan, Arvee and Talbi have sung three melodies in the film which take the story forward. Albeit an anticipated storyline, the film leaves you in parts with the storyteller’s Hindi and Punjabi blended discoursed. Finally, it scores well on the count of the sensible depiction of difficulties a young lady youngster goes through. Once watch as it’s a genuine endeavor to draw out the truth, just the title ought to have been positive like the film!