Khido Khundi, clearly, first Punjabi film on hockey, or should we say the first might have-been-improved Punjabi film on hockey. Sports, is an essentially ignored subject in Punjabi films. Chief Rohit Jugraj has, be that as it may, boldly taken up the subject dependent on a genuine and moving town Sansarpur, which has delivered 15 Hockey Olympians.

For the chief this subject was unquestionably a difficult one, given the story is established in the genuine, which is the reason the treatment too must be in any way kept as genuine as could really be expected.

As far as one might be concerned, Rohit Jugraj has gotten a truly moving story and shot it all around well. He has utilized every one of the areas and entertainers as well as could be expected.

In any case, what is by all accounts the greatest downside of Khido Khundi is that where the main portion of the film is shocking and furthermore has a place with Rohit Jugraj, the subsequent half looks such a lot of like Chak De India-with the young men obviously!

To such an extent, that during the most recent twenty minutes, one is shipped back to Chak De India, where the young ladies have been supplanted by the young men, Shah Rukh Khan by Manav Vij and Sagarika Ghatge by Ranjit Bawa. This is the place where the film loses its own personality and this is the place where Rohit Jugraj loses his inventiveness!

The film starts with an intriguing family presentation, refering to reasons concerning why Ranjit Bawa (Fateh) isn’t being permitted to play hockey at first.

Everything is working out positively; we have a wretched on Sansarpur, which is useful, there are sufficient feelings, a decent melody, dramatization and afterward comes the subsequent a large portion of, the Punjab half when you want to say, ah ki Chak De India la ti. Rohit, who is known for his film Jatt James Bond, puts forth a decent attempt to turn everyone’s eyes towards the game Hockey, yet had he not got motivated by the all around effective film (Chak De India) in the subsequent half; Khido Khundi would have gone down the pages of sports history!

The reasonable champs of the film are its characters. Entertainer Manav Vij is a reasonable champ here. His job and his conviction in exchanges make him worth watching on screen. Manav has a solid control on his non-verbal communication and discoursed, and not briefly does he leave his person of Harry. Next up is vocalist entertainer Ranjit Bawa who nails his person totally. He is fun loving and zeroed in, however one feels that his job required more conviction and refinement. Ranjit Bawa substantiates himself as a fine entertainer once more. Mandy Takhar assumes a solid part in the film and she certainly demonstrates that she is here to act, provided that allowed an opportunity and some more space and some more discoursed! Elnaaz Norouzi is a beautiful expansion to the film, and well Punjabi film can’t manage without lovely faces.

Entertainers Gugu Gill and Mahabir Bhullar are additionally a piece of the film, its an alternate story that they add no reason to worry about it. A series of commendation for the wide range of various characters (artistes who are a piece of Punjab group) for being so genuine and normal. Watna Ve is a motivating track that lifts up the second half Chake De young men group.

Khido Khundi makes for a decent watch, it could move youths to check out Hockey with recharged interest, however if they get a whiff of Chak De India in the second half…well.