IT (Information Technology) Manager




STATUS:                    Full Time with Benefits; Exempt Salaried

PROGRAM(S):          IRCO Administration

REPORTS TO:           Information Systems/IT Director

OPENING DATE:      November 2, 2023

CLOSING DATE:       Open until filled.

REQUIREMENTS:     Valid Driver’s License, proof of insurance and access to reliable transportation during office hours.



The IT Manager’s primary role is to lead IRCO-wide IT improvement projects and manages planning/operation of IT’s responsibilities (devices, applications, infrastructure including the cloud computing). This position requires experience and technical skills to address current and future issues related to IT infrastructure, cloud computing and applications/automation. In addition, this position requires project-level experiences in leading and communicating requirements and plans with stakeholders as well as planning/coordinating with IT technical specialists and contractors. Also, knowledge in administering Microsoft Office platform management, cloud computing management and Cyber Security knowledge (including training and prevention) would be preferred. 


A successful candidate for the IT Manager will be able to perform following duties and responsibilities:

  • Demonstrated project planning and management for leading IT improvement projects. 
  • Independently able to identify and propose future solutions needed improve IT methods and system for Microsoft platforms and Azure cloud solutions including device management.
  • Work across various divisions within IRCO and understand the needs of diverse staffs in prioritizing projects and deployment of solutions. 
  • Able to document and implement procedures for IRCO Staff and IT staff to follow. 
  • Plan cyber security risks and develop new prevention measures to close cyber security issues.   
  • Manage and improve overall IT management infrastructure (Clients, servers, network, printers…) working with technical leads and contractors. 
  • Able to establish and manage partnerships with 3rd party IT service vendors. 
  • Plan and manage budget and expenses to keep in line with planned vs. actual. 
  • Supervise IT staffs including providing daily work direction, performance feedback and development of skills/knowledge.
  • Travel to local IRCO facilities to install equipment and manage any issues that arise.


  • Provide IT training to IRCO users for Microsoft Office applications and use of the computers as well as providing direction on new training development.
  • Manage projects on automation through Microsoft platform scripting for IT automation.
  • Engage in skills development and IRCO-based training.
  • Attend required staff meetings.



  • Technical problem solving and debugging skills with IT equipment and applications. 
  • Experience with working on computer hardware and software/applications are needed with Microsoft Windows
  • IT Admin Experience with managing IT devices, IT accounts, applications, and network
  • Working experience with Microsoft Azure is preferred.
  • 2+ years of Project Management experience of IT projects or installations 
  • 2+ years IT support/risk analysis and management of budgeting/planning
  • Valid Driver License and means of transportation.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree (4); Computer and IT related. 

Experience: 5-6 years of experience is required (5)

Licensure, Certification: Microsoft Azure cloud and security training preferred.

Computers: All positions at IRCO require use of a computer and experience working with Microsoft Products including but not limited to Microsoft 365, Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. 

In addition, this position specifically requires:



Frequent communication inside and outside the organization to  communicate organizational direction (7)


Ongoing need to integrate, design, and develop multiple program functions  across the organization (7)




There is a regular need for assessment of risk, analysis of  options and decisions without complete information (5)


Positions at this level require some physical efforts or manual labor  such as lifting, carrying or constant movement. Positions with regular responsibility for  driving are to be placed at least at this level (3)


Impact and Influence:        

Positions at this level have a regular need or ability to analyze  problem or concepts or make decisions on the information. Have distinct impact  on and influence on organization operations, program outcomes, revenue,  expense or budgetary outcomes (4)

Work Independence:        

Positions perform with a high degree of independence. Work is  reviewed on an as-needed basis. Errors or omissions may not be identified  internally. Guidance is available upon request. Work requires extensive  decision-making (5)


Positions at this level required refined planning and  goal-setting skills. Plans must  consider options and contingencies, and must include methods for handling any  difficulties encountered. (4)


Positions at this level are normally responsible for some  supervisory responsibilities, including providing daily work direction, making  recommendations to supervisors and HR regarding hiring, disciplining,  terminating employees, or pay adjustments. (3)



This level has a work environment that is well protected, with  virtually no hazards or obstacles.  There is very little element of  personal risk or hazard.  Job conditions are stable, usually well  managed, and very comfortable. (1)


The work schedule occasionally fluctuates based on organization  or customer needs. This fluctuation may occur with or without prior notice.  (3)

Salary Description
$75,000 to $85,000, DOE


To apply, please visit the following URL:

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