IT Analyst I/II

Cabrillo Coastal General Insurance Agency

Job Summary

Our IT Analysts I/II are responsible for maintaining and constantly seeking ways to enhance the reliable operation, superior performance, high speed and/or sensible organization of our network systems and servers, as well as our network-attached computers, multi-site IP-based telephone networks and other Company technologies. Additionally, our IT Analysts I/II actively assist in ensuring the ongoing security for our network systems, computer and telephone equipment and our offices. Finally, our IT Analysts I/II spend much of their time effectively working with internal team members to troubleshoot and resolve a myriad of routine to highly complex hardware and software issues and to train and educate end users on appropriate, efficient and effective use of the Company’s hardware.

Job Responsibilities

In the spirit of our Company’s mission, values and culture, the duties listed below serve as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed by our IT Analysts I/II. We also expect our IT Analysts I/II to carry out other responsibilities that are similar, related or a logical assignment to this job class.

Actively assists in ensuring exceptional uptime and performance of the Company’s information systems network, servers, network-attached computers, IP-based multi-site telephone network and other applicable technologies; maintains, configures, organizes, monitors and/or regularly analyzes network servers/server back-ups and network infrastructure, including switches, routers and backgrounds, as well as network-attached computers’ behavior; maintains and analyzes Company’s IP-based multi-site telephone and other Company technologies, including wireless, cellular telephones. As necessary, efficiently and effectively troubleshoots, identifies and resolves root problems and, when applicable, works with vendors, application developers, System Analysts and other technology groups to effectively resolve issues.

Actively contributes as a member of Cabrillo Coastal to ensure that customer expectations are met and exceeded; troubleshoots and resolves team members’ technical and hardware issues and effectively trains team members’ on Computer, telephone and/or other technology applications and/or software, etc.

Assists in maintaining security of Systems network/server, hardware and software, telephone equipment, as well as general office security; as assigned, works closely with security vendors to meet or exceed Company’s security requirements; assists in successfully integrating, maintaining, monitoring and enhancing anti-virus, anti-spam and spyware solutions.

Within pre-approved budget and timeframes, assists in identifying need for, acquiring, installing and/or upgrading appropriate network, server and/or computer components and software, including security software; assists in maintaining adequate Company inventory of IP-based network telephones, desktop and laptop computers and other assigned items; assists in the development and implementation of effective communication plans about software or hardware updates/upgrades and related activities for Companywide distribution.

Assists in accurately, thoroughly, thoughtfully and clearly developing, documenting, maintaining and updating IT and security-related policies, processes and procedures, ensuring compliance with governmental regulations and Company, carrier and/or re-insurer standards and/or requirements.

Dynamically enhances Company’s success by taking advantage of learning and development opportunities and personally integrating positive actions to improve individual performance.

Coordinates, oversees, participates in and/or carries out “special” projects either independently or as a member of a group, as assigned.


Skills and Expertise

Qualities: Trouble shooter/Problem Solver; Strong intellectual curiosity; Self-Motivated; Tactful; Quality-Oriented; Service-Oriented; Detail-Oriented; Self-Starter; Team Player; Multi-Tasker; Adaptable; Flexible; Strong Work Ethic; Positive “Can Do” Attitude; Exceptional follow-through; Sense of Urgency; Integrity; Collaborator; Ability to maintain composure and professionalism in fast-paced and sometimes stressful environment.

Strong skill sets in the following areas: problem analyses/solving; information analyses; troubleshooting PC/network issues; handling multiple priorities simultaneously; organization; time management/working under tight deadlines; active listening; oral and written communication; interpersonal communication; developing clear, thorough written documentation of technical policies, processes and procedures; effectively teaching a non-technical person how to appropriately and efficiently navigate and work with job-dependent technologies, as necessary.

Strong knowledge of: Microsoft Windows Server environment; Windows 10; wireless technology; VPN, MS Office and hard disk imaging systems; enterprise wide Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam/Spyware solutions; active directory and group policy deployments; hosted exchange set-up and troubleshooting; routing concepts and network design/troubleshooting; border/edge security, such as firewalls and VPN; storage systems, including SAN, NAS and various RAID arrays; backup and recovery strategies.

Licenses, Certification, Education and/or Experience

Licenses/Certification: N/A

Education & Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, or related field. Master’s degree a plus and/or two or more years of Information Technology experience. Experience supporting a 24/7 environment is a plus.


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