Term: 132 minutes

Chief: Kenny Chhabra

Cast: Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Seema Kaushal, Maninder Singh, Pukhraj Bhalla, Armaan Anmol, Deepali Rajput and Bhumika Sharma

IANS Rating: ***

This is the sort of film that unavoidably contacts your heart. It is about mean youngsters driving their own lives, leaving their old, desolate guardians to safeguard themselves. The film presents a defense for customary qualities even in current occasions.

The storyline is fairly exhausted for the Indian crowd, yet the film makes a bigger point concerning what modernisation is meaning for the conventional Punjabi family. It is concerning how guardians respect their youngsters and take different measures to allow them to have a satisfied life and how their kids end up being narrow minded rascals.

Jaswinder Bhalla plays the patriarch of the house. He lives in a town in Punjab with his better half (Seema Kaushal) and his matured guardians, having a substance existence in spite of their home being abandoned.

His four adult children: Barinder (Binnu Dhillon) is a bequest specialist in Chandigarh; the second child Jaggi (Maninder Singh) fills in as a right hand to the neighborhood government official and MLA; his third child Aman (Pukhraj Bhalla) is an understudy in Chandigarh yet invests a large portion of his energy dating his better half; and the most youthful Sundi (Armaan Anmol) is an online media fan. They are generally occupied in their own lives.

On their most seasoned child Barinder’s birthday, on his significant other’s demand, Jaswinder and his better half visit their children in Chandigarh. Sadly, they end up evaded from their lives. An annoyed Jaswinder will not look at his significant other without flinching, then, at that point, takes hurting looks as she hectically rationalizes her children.

On the last day prior to leaving Chandigarh, Barinder realizing he has not invested quality energy with his folks and he compels them to see a film. The old couple land up watching the Hindi film ‘Badhaai Ho’. This lights a thought in Jaswinder and he uses it to spread the word about his mistake.

With sullen humor tossed in discontinuously, the story takes a somewhat circumlocutory course to hit home the message.

The projecting of the leads – Jaswinder Bhalla and Seema Kaushal – are pitch awesome. They make a charming couple and their on-screen science is substantial. Binnu Dhillon, as Barinder, seems somewhat of a miscast when you contrast him with the other three as kin.

Deepali Rajput as Barinder’s adoration interest Baani and Bhumika Sharma as Aman’s affection interest Sonia are skilled and they paper their characters with conviction. Different entertainers loan capable help through their immediacy.

With moderate creation esteems, the film is adroitly mounted. The aeronautical shots lift the film’s visual effect. Generally, it is a light form of the shouting dramas of the last part of the 1960s.