Harman says its new JBL wireless turntable doesn’t skimp on audio quality


Harman has pulled back the curtain on a new record player that it claims does not sacrifice audio quality during wireless playback. The JBL Spinner BT has Bluetooth 5.2 support and aptX HD encoding, which will ensure that you’ll get the “authentic sound” of your records, according to Harman. If you’d rather stick with a wired connection, though, the turntable has analog output with switchable moving magnet phono stage and an integrated phono preamplifier.

The Spinner BT has locked speeds and a speed sensor that Harmon says will “guarantee perfect pitch.” On the tonearm, you’ll find a preinstalled Audio Technica moving magnet cartridge. A removable head shell should make replacing and upgrading the cartridge a piece of cake. As for the base, Harman has damped the feet to reduce vibration from external sources. The record player’s black MDF plinth, meanwhile, has accents of JBL’s signature orange.

The JBL Spinner BT, which includes a hinged dust cover, will be available this fall. Harman says it’ll cost $399.

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