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It just makes perfect sense, given the fact that Google acquired Fit-bit in 2019, and that Google still doesn’t have a horse in the smartwatch race, while its competitor Apple currently occupies more than half the smartwatch market share. Google famously entered the smartphone industry with the Pixel, its first, entirely ‘Made by Google’ smartphone. The Pixel smartphone went onto redefine what a pure Android exposure could indicate, becoming the auric standard in the Android OS experience.

Google’s energetic genuine stylish personify, the Pixel Smartwatch idea arrives in a customary round arrangement, and in an assortment of quirky named hues. The Android Wear OS logo shows obviously on the consistently in plain view of the watch, changing into a brilliant arrangement of watch hands each time you see it to peruse the time. The watch accompanies Google’s first rate voice AI, the entirety of Google’s local applications, and a pulse screen on the back, which connects well to Google’s securing of Fit bit and their whole wellness tech environment. I wouldn’t be shocked if this wearable idea were totally waterproof as well, just to discharge shots at Apple!

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