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Get Cozy, or Dark, With New Custom Keycap Drops From Hyper-X and HP

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Speaker 1: If there’s one thing gamers like to do, it’s make their setups look really unique and cool with all kinds of keyboards and mice and headsets. And I like to customize them maybe with colored lights, ORR designs. It’s all about making it personalized, making it for you. HyperX, the gaming accessory arm of HP is here at CES with some new ideas for how to personalize your HyperX keyboard or your mouse or your headset or your microphone, and they’re doing it through custom designs made with an industrial color 3D printer that [00:00:30] uses powdered nylon, which is a step above the regular PLA people use for home 3D printing. But it’s still pretty not toxic, pretty eco-friendly and obviously HP has the ability to do this on a scale far beyond what the home 3D printer can do. Now they’re starting off with keycaps. That’s when you replace the keys on your keyboard with custom ones that look different.

Speaker 1: I saw some very basic ones, just kind of like cool designs on the W A S D keys, which are very important for gaming. Maybe on the space bar, I also saw ones that are, uh, pretty outrageous, [00:01:00] just kind of whole sculptures that go on your keys. You might wanna keep those on the function row keys at the top that you don’t use that often because they’re pretty hard to type on. The demo versions of these keycaps and other accessories I saw also fall into a couple of different aesthetic families. There’s one side that HyperX calls cozy and it’s cats and rabbits and, uh, you know, very mellow kind of past de. Then there’s their fancy line, which looks very dark fantasy, uh, with a lot of skulls and horns and things like that. I got to see some keycaps [00:01:30] across those different categories. I also got to see some accessories for other gaming devices such as headset stands that you put your headphones on, even little mouse ears or devil horns that you can put on your, uh, headset.

Speaker 1: Little stands for microphones and HyperX has these cool, uh, light up microphones. I saw like the skull and bones sort of throne that holds your microphone. So really a wide variety of stuff. The catch is that these are all limited additions. HyperX is even calling them drops to try to capitalize on that sort of, uh, hu culture of limited [00:02:00] edition merch drops and getting them right away because they’re gonna be gone later. It’ll be more valuable later. They are starting out in January with a single cozy cat key cap. Uh, that’s gonna be $20 and it’s gonna be a limited edition drop, so you better go get it right away. And they say that throughout the year they’re gonna have additional drops and some of them they’re gonna work with different, uh, gaming influencers and other celebrities on. So you could see a lot of cross promotion happening there and all sorts of ways to make your gaming gear, especially if it’s HyperX gaming gear look unique [00:02:30] and different.

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