Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar review: the solar-powered super watch

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Garmin’s most recent go-anyplace, do-anything Fenix 6 Pro Solar multi-sport watch revives from the sun, denoting a significant advance towards the smartwatch you never need to charge.The £739.99 Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar is one of the US association’s best in class gadgets, equipped for enduring a long time on a charge and following basically any detail you’d need, in addition to it’s ready to direct you out of backwoods when you’re lost.The watch is accessible with either a 42 or 47mm case, and in different hues and materials, here explored in record dim with red accents and a 47mm case.

By each measurement the Fenix 6 Pro Solar methods business. At 15.1mm thick and 47mm over your wrist, it overshadows most different smartwatches. It doesn’t feel colossal when worn, despite everything fitting under shirt sleeves and doesn’t get on things.

The watch’s body is fibre-reinforced polymer, while the back plate and screen bezel are stainless steel.

It weighs 62g, which is sensibly light – the smaller Fossil Gen 5 weighs closer to 100g. With the included 23g silicone tie, the watch feels even on the wrist and doesn’t slide around once done up. It is agreeable to wear with a lot of modification. The 22mm lash can be traded out for either a snappy delivery band made by Garmin or any standard 22mm outsider strap.

The 1.3in non-touchscreen is a colour transflective LCD display that is plainly noticeable in direct daylight and has a backdrop illumination for seeing it in obscurity. The screen is ensured by scratch-safe Gorilla Glass 3 DX and is huge and clear enough to see initially. It is more enlivened than Garmin’s comparable showcases on watches, for example, the Forerunner 245, however isn’t as smooth or as gorgeous as the OLED screens on most smartwatches.

Five physical catches deal with controls. Most things are snappy and simple to do utilizing the up, down, select and back catches. On the off chance that you consider it working a bit like an old-school or retro Nokia, at that point you get an unpleasant thought of how it works.

Scroll up or down from the watch face for a progression of customisable gadgets. I have smartwatch notices first, at that point a progression of wellbeing details including heart, stress and rest, temperature, sunlight based force, a progression of running execution gadgets, etc; there are burdens to pick from.

Each of the catches has a press-and-hold alternate way as well. I have it set so holding the down catch opens music controls, up for settings and holding the light catch takes you to a pivoting pack of fast settings, including clocks, cautions and Garmin Pay.


  • Screen: 1.3in transflective MIP (260×260 pixels)
  • Case size: 47mm
  • Case thickness: 15.1mm
  • Band size: standard 22mm fast release
  • Weight: 62g body just (silicone band is 23g)
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Water resistance: 100 meters (10ATM)
  • Sensors: GPS/Glonass/Galileo, compass, accelerometer, thermometer, pulse, beat Ox
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, ANT+, wifi

Connections and battery life

The Fenix 6 Pro Solar is significantly less subject to your telephone than most smartwatches; you don’t have to combine a telephone to set it up.

Pairing with the Garmin Connect application empowers cautions of calls, messages and different notices, control of music, and movement matching up, all of which worked extraordinary with an assortment of telephones. The watch has wifi for adjusting legitimately to the web, downloading updates or music as well. It tends to be connected to a PC to match up and update by means of Garmin Express, which is a necessity on the off chance that you need to refresh the underlying maps.

Sans-telephone, the watch will keep on following your vitals and exercises for a considerable length of time with a lot of inner stockpiling, including genuinely complete examination. You could take off into the wild for seven days without a telephone and still do everything, including planning, which can’t be said of most smartwatches.The Fenix 6 Pro Solar endures at any rate fourfold the length of most smartwatches between charges. Utilized similarly as a smartwatch with telephone warnings and all the wellbeing following highlights initiated it, the watch endures nine entire days and evenings between charges. On the off chance that you cut down on a portion of the wellbeing following, for example, the beat oximeter, wrist pulse or different pieces you can expand battery life by days (up to 14 as indicated by Garmin). A force administrator permits you to choose from different pre-sets or make your own with specific highlights turned on or off

Running with music is the greatest battery channel. A 25-minute run with all the following choices (GPS, pulse, and so forth) while playing music through Bluetooth earphones expends 4-5% of the battery. That is as yet more than nine hours all out of running with music, which is sufficient for a great many people to finish a long distance race. Three runs seven days diminished the smartwatch battery life to more like seven days, which is as yet numerous days longer than most competitors.

However, that is all without utilizing the watch’s shrouded ability – the Power Glass covering the screen serves as a sunlight based charger. It works constantly, even inside, however requires splendid daylight to definitively top up the battery. On seven days where I went through two hours strolling (with following and guides) and three 25-minute sudden spikes in demand for brilliant British summer days I got an additional day’s battery from general smartwatch usage.The magnificence is that, other than the additional expense to the watch which is a not-negligible £140 over the rendition without the sun based charging, there’s no drawback to the Power Glass as it’s completely straightforward to the eye. You simply observe the screen and a thin strip that resembles bezel.


The Fenix 6 Pro Solar is commonly repairable, yet Garmin typically replaces harmed devices with revamped units for a charge. The battery is evaluated to last a couple of long periods of continuous charge cycles while keeping up in any event 80% limit, however isn’t client replaceable. The screen is shrouded in Corning’s scratch-safe Gorilla Glass 3 DX, like a smartphone.

Garmin offers exchange plans for certain lines and complies with WEEE and other nearby hardware reusing law.

General Health tracking

The Fenix 6 Pro Solar has thorough wellbeing following highlights. An astounding optical pulse screen on the back works consistently as the day progressed, making you aware of unusually high or low thumps every moment and recording your resting and dynamic pulses. It estimates Pulse Ox (oxygenation of the blood) both during the day and keeping in mind that sleeping, breath rate, stress, internal heat level, fall or episode recognition and some more. The main thing it doesn’t have is ECG for following heart arrhythmia.

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