Elon Musk says more games are coming to Tesla vehicles

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Elon Musk has implied that significantly more games are coming to Tesla vehicles, despite the fact that the CEO hasn’t said what games are coming. Since Tesla vehicles have a goliath touchscreen show, drivers can exploit the monster tablet-like interface when they’re left to mess around. The ongoing tweet shows an individual playing the game Beach Buggy Racer 2 while another is staring over the way that the driver is utilizing the controlling haggle to control the game. Musk reacted to this tweet by saying, “more fun games coming to ur Tesla.”

Musk’s reaction is somewhat secretive, however it causes it to appear as though the organization hasn’t disregarded the gaming part of its vehicles. Up until this point, Tesla vehicles have only a couple of retro arcade games, some portable games and Fallout Shelter and Cuphead. Ideally, Musk can persuade a designer to bring some greater name games to the stage to truly give gamers something to dive into while they charge their vehicles. Tesla’s extra-enormous infotainment show is one of its executioner highlights, so since clients can mess around, peruse the web or watch Netflix, it helps make the long charging occasions somewhat less of a hassle.

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