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Displace TV Is A Wireless TV You Can Hang On Your Window


Speaker 1: Wireless TVs. Why don’t they exist already? Well, at ces I finally got to see a completely wireless 55 inch TV called Displaced TV that doesn’t have any power cable and doesn’t have any wires to connect to. It’s a thing you can just hang up on a window. Displaced TV is a 55 inch 4K TV that weighs under 20 pounds and has its own hot swappable batteries. There are four inside that should give it about [00:00:30] a day of use. You could swap ’em out while the TV’s still running. The TV has its own suction pump system that can attach to apparently nearly any surface. We saw it attached to a glass window, which is cool. Apparently can also attach to other walls as long as they’re flat and it hangs there and plays your stuff.

Speaker 1: It’s got a standard kind of smart TV type interface, and the way it works is by [00:01:00] streaming the content from a concealed processing box that’s supposed to be about the size of a PC tower. I didn’t even get to see that part. Apparently it’s still kind of in the works, but you could imagine this is something that’s gonna want to be tucked away versus put under your tv. This place TV is a platform that can run multiple TVs at the same time. Off of that same processor box, you could run six TVs or eventually up to maybe eight, all with that same system, and that was the original concept of the design. Then it also became [00:01:30] wireless and it’s also battery powered. It’s not that surprising to me for the reason that I feel like we’ve seen this kind of tech happening elsewhere. I mean, VR headsets are increasingly streaming from other devices like PCs.

Speaker 1: We have tablets that are running on batteries and player TV shows you have streaming games. Makes sense that televisions would enter that spectrum. Displaced TV though does look like it’s its own kind of self-contained ecosystem and it’s not that cheap. It’s $3,000 for one [00:02:00] screen and the processor box or $9,000 if you want to get four screens and a processor box. We played a few sample videos from CNET to take a look at how it performed. It looked nice, you know it’s, it’s hard to judge a TV in a demo situation, um, in a hotel room, but it was very cool that it hung up on a window. It kind of makes me wonder what other places you’d put a TV that you wouldn’t normally put a tv. Displaced. TV also supports hand tracking for gestures, but it goes a step further by not [00:02:30] even having a remote at all.

Speaker 1: I’m not sure how I feel about that. In fact, I do know how I feel. I want a remote, but the makers of displaced TV feel that this is good enough that it can work with just hand gestures. My experience with hand gestures is that your mileage definitely varies, but clearly displaced TV is going for an unusual type of customer and a future forward type of person. Whether this technology expands into other types of televisions, well, you could kind of expect that it would, but doesn’t. The type of stuff that you see every year at CS in Las Vegas where [00:03:00] new types of tech are being thrown against the wall literally to see if they stick.

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