Darra, the current week’s Punjabi film discharge makes history, by being a selective film to run with next to no storyline – from starting as far as possible; indeed, not so much as a touch of it. Coordinated by Parveen Kumar and composed by Baldev Saraknama, the film has a battery of entertainers – Gurpreet Ghuggi, Shivander Mahal, Nirmal Rishi, Pammi Bai, Kartar Cheema, Happy Raikoti, Manpreet Saggu, to give some examples. We will save you from a great difficult situation, and, trust, you will express gratitude toward us as far as possible.

The exchanges and screenplay are by Parveen Kumar or should we say the missing screenplay! Like we said, we’d rescue you from Darra – three siblings, one mother, one bhabhi, one sarpanch, two love interests, one marriage, parcel of melodies, part of grinning, one vocalist entertainer continually singing lines from his own tracks, parcel of grinning and that is it! There is not a lot to be spoken with regards to Darra on the grounds that darra is equivalent to darr.

This film beats even Hum Saath Hain! The presentation of characters continues for nearly 60 minutes, trailed by tunes, giggling and tunes. Regarding the entertainers; first, what made Gurpreet Ghuggi accept the film? Two, for what reason does Pammi Bai not investigate the camera and say his discoursed? For what reason does Happy Raikoti need to advise us that he is a famous vocalist?

For what reason is Kartar Cheema grinning ear-to-ear for reasons unknown? For what reason can’t productive entertainers like Shavinder Mahal and Nirmal Rishi go past the generalization jobs? Also, the main, chief saab, where is the story?

Darra doesn’t sound familiar; indeed on the off chance that you haven’t seen a ‘pind da vyah da’ video, see this one cheerful family who grins and smiles…making us cry and cry.