CES 2023: You can now 3D print your skin supplement habit, thanks to Neutrogena

Every year at CES, Neutrogena has rolled out innovative and fun beauty care tech — from 2019’s customizable 3D sheet masks to 2020’s Next Gen Neutrogena Skin360 App. And this year is no different, with the launch of Nourished x Neutrogena Skin360 SkinStacks.

It appears Neutrogena has jumped on the skin supplement trend (collagen, anyone?) that you might recognize from your Instagram feed or an influencer ad. But unlike the typical skin supplements that you mix in with your smoothie or add to your vitamin regime, Neutrogena is making it personal.

At CES 2023, the skin care giant launched its collaboration with Nourished, a company that produces 3D-printed “super nutrient” gummies. The collaboration uses AI to give users personalized, on-demand, 3D-printed skin supplements called SkinStacks.

“At Neutrogena, we are grounded in the belief that beauty begins with healthy skin and are proud of a heritage that consistently delivers skincare solutions built at the intersection of science and technology, in a way that makes sophisticated science simple and inclusive for our consumers,” Roberto Khoury, senior vice president of Neutrogena, said in a press release. “Working with Nourished allows us to further that commitment by marrying our award-winning digital skin assessment with Nourished elegant 3D printing technology to create on-demand dietary supplements to help consumers meet their personal skincare goals.”

Neutrogena skinstacks

Credit: Courtesy Neutrogena

The innovation builds on Neutrogena’s Skin360 App, which launched at CES 2020. Using the Neutrogena Skin360 assessment tool in the app, people can take photos of their skin after cleaning it, answer a few questions about their skin and skincare goals, and will then be given a recommendation for the most ideal supplement stack for them. After that, Nourished comes in to 3D print their vegan, sugar-free gummy supplies and ship them daily compostable packets.

Beware: A gummy a day might not keep all of your skincare woes away, though. Dermatologist Hadley King told HuffPost that “beauty supplements are basically rebranded multivitamins,” meaning most people get all the nutrients they need from food.

The jury is still out on whether or not Neutrogena’s personalized, on-demand, 3D-printed skin supplements will change your skin — but it sure is a fun addition to beauty tech.

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