CES 2023: LG’s MoodUP refrigerator can become transparent with a quick knock

Your kitchen is about to become a lot more aesthetic.

At its CES 2023 press conference, LG showed off more of its MoodUP refrigerator, originally announced at the end of last year. This is a big, burly refrigerator with several different panels that can change color using a mobile app. The upper panels can be one of 22 colors while the lower ones can be one of 19 different shades.

There’s even a Bluetooth speaker built-in, and if you play music, the lights will change colors to match the song. Leave a door open for too long and the light panel on it will blink until you close it. Approach the fridge and the lights will blink a bit to welcome you. And perhaps most interestingly, if you knock on one of the panels, it will become transparent, allowing you to see what’s inside.

LG moodup refrigerator with transparent panel
For transparency’s sake.
Credit: LG

Oh, and it can make balls of ice using LG’s “Craft Ice” system for cocktails. Neat!

LG didn’t dive at all into pricing or availability for the MoodUP refrigerator, sadly. But if you have enough room for an absurdly large fridge and a desire to turn your kitchen into a party space, LG’s got your back.

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