STORY: Abhishek Oberoi, from a rich family, falls head over heels for Sania, an unassuming community young lady with a dull past. Will her past affect their relationship, or can they keep it together? This is the center reason of the story.

Survey: Abhishek Oberoi otherwise known as Abby (Adhyayan Suman) comes from a well-off family, though Sania (Angel) is a profession arranged young lady from an unassuming community who has moved to Delhi. In spite of the fact that opposites are inclined toward one another, however, for this situation, Abby is attracted to Sania notwithstanding the way that she has no space for a relationship. Her obliviousness is the thing that makes him crazy in his need to dive deeper into her.

The idea of a young lady’s obliviousness making a kid go crazy and making him can’t help thinking about for what reason isn’t new. Essayist chief, Amit Kasaria utilizes a urbane setting to recount to a straightforward story that gets going in Delhi. There aren’t an excessive number of characters in the film. In any case, Sania’s ex Rohit (Dev Sharma) and their manager Sahil (Anurag Sharma), who has been keen on her since they initially met, are two of the characters who get a great deal of screen time to uncover their frail and unsurprising origin stories. A large portion of it gets through the flashbacks, which remove the concentration from Sania and Abby’s growing sentiment.

The film’s USP is its resonant music. Both the title track sung by Dev Negi, Swaransh Mishra and the melody ‘Simple Zehen Mein’ by Sonu Nigam, are heartfelt and very much arranged (by Adil Shaikh) with conspicuous Delhi places like CP and Qutub Minar behind the scenes. The moving number, ‘Poke Se Hui Sagai’ by Daler Mehndi is put arbitrarily, since it shows up just after a passionate scene.

While Adhyayan Suman has all the earmarks of being persuading as Abby, his junoon for Sania isn’t. When contrasted with his past exhibitions, Adhyayan has worked on a ton. Debutante Angel is very camera careful, which is very noticeable on screen. She really wants to calibrate her enthusiastic scenes; for example, the succession where they initially met, and she wailed a great deal before Abby is simply not persuading. Yuri Suri and Divya Seth as Abby’s folks are charming. Sania’s dearest companion Neha (Gulki Joshi) and Abby’s circle of youth mates are consistently there for them.

In general, it’s an old wine served in an old jug, yet with somewhat more profundity and soul, this romantic tale might have been a respectable watch.