Ammy Virk starrer Bambukat opened at almost 168 screens worldwide yet couldn’t assemble an excessive number of watchers right off the bat!

Featuring Ammy Virk, Binnu Dhillon, Simi Chahal, Anita Devgn, Sheetal Thakur, Karamjeet Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Hobby Dhaliwal and Nirmal Rishi, this one is the account of a pendu fellow named Channan Singh (Ammy) who has a virtuoso cerebrum and is a conceived engineer, other than being uneducated. He gets hitched to a shadowy cleaned young lady Pakko (Simi Chahal) whom he falls head over heels for, at the absolute first sight.

Pakko has a sister named Sammi (Sheetal Thakur) who is hitched to a rail line official Resham Singh (Binnu Dhillon). Sammi is a lighter looking lovely young lady while Pakko is constantly peered downward on for her dim composition. Being an administration official, Resham Singh is a high headed chap who does everything to cause himself to feel better than everybody in the family. A marriage work gets both the couples together, associating with the individuals from their parents in law family. That is where the story takes a go and from a heartfelt, affectionate dramatization, turns into the interesting excursion of a man who runs after accomplishing his objective.


The starcast is excessively well-suited such that I can’t imagine some other entertainer or entertainer playing that specific person other than the ones previously cast. Ammy Virk shows us once more that he is staying put. The rustic appeal that this person has is just heart dissolving. He, never in the film, caused me to feel that he is acting. He got into the skin of Channan Singh without breaking a sweat and stole away the person with full certainty. Ammy is a characteristic entertainer and that is the thing that is working for him. His desi appeal and exchange conveyance in the run of the mill pendu style gets the watcher associated with his onscreen character right away.

Simi Chahal has worked effectively as a debutante. Her charming looks and earthen make into made her person Pakko, pretty conceivable. She is definitely one entertainer whom I would actually need to see more in Punjabi films. He grin and eyes have an expressive quality which works for her as an entertainer.

Binnu Dhillon has done what is generally anticipated of him! He is fantabulous as Resham Singh and nobody however him might have done this person so well. His mustache, his non-verbal communication, his afsari tichra and haasa made me disdain Resham and love his depiction simultaneously. I’d certainly convey the rumal sutan wali rasam with me for a lifetime. :- )

Sheetal Thakur was wonderful on screen however she wasn’t actually offered a lot to do in the film. Being an official’s significant other, she was high headed and pretentious as Sammi and did her part competently. Anita Devgn dominated as Ammy’s mom and her charming articulations, interesting dance moves and uproarious discoursed made me go gaga for her once more.

Sardar Sohi, Nirmal Rishi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Parminder Kaur, Narinder Nina, Jarnail Singh and others, who were a piece of this film are deserving of appreciation for playing their characters with most extreme flawlessness.

The chief, Pankaj Batra has worked really hard however we unquestionably could relate a considerable lot of the scenes to Ammy’s previous HIT Angrej. The set and area, even the outfits were quite comparable, which was somewhat baffling at certain spots since one, naturally, would say, “Oe eh ta oi jgah hai na jithe angrej di shooting hoi si!”

The account of Bambukat, particularly the peak and the end, is very elegantly composed by Jass Grewal. Praise! Atleast this author figured out how to pen down a story that seemed well and good and hasn’t been taken advantage of by some other faahaa vadan aale movie producers.

The music of the film is normal and Ammy Virk, with his country vocals made me murmur the title track returning home.

Last however not the least, here’s a congratulatory gesture for the makers of Bambukat, Amiek Virk for confiding in this substance rich undertaking and Karaj Gill for boosting the level of this film and upholding it to make it arrive at it’s interest group!

Coincidentally, the degree of energy and hooting in the performance center was something that I’ve missed throughout a long while.