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Android 11

A couple of times each year, your Pixel gets a lift with programming refreshes that send new highlights, stunts, and applications to your telephone. What’s more, this time, with new Pixel-first highlights on Android 11, your Pixel has significantly more smarts to improve it and more supportive—like giving you better approaches to control your media and compose your applications, and making it simpler to speak with loved ones. What’s more, everything accompanies protection as a need. Everything occurs over the air, so you get that new-telephone feeling again and again.

Organize individuals, with Pixel

Starting today, new Android 11 highlights are hitting Pixel first to assist you with zeroing in on interfacing with those near you, regardless of whether you’re meeting in a recreation center for a socially removed outing, or rapidly reacting to your friends and family’s writings.

You would now be able to utilize Live View with Location Sharing in Google Maps to handily get together with companions IRL. In the event that your companions have decided to impart their area to you, essentially tap on their symbol and afterward on Live View on the correct side of your screen. You’ll see where they are comparable to you, alongside the distance away they are. Tapping on start will at that point give you bolts and bearings put directly on head of your reality so you can see precisely what direction to go.

More command over your phone

Presently your Pixel can make application proposals dependent on your every day schedules so you can rapidly get to devices you need, when you need them. Your telephone will suggest applications you use at various times, similar to Messages for your day by day registration, Google Maps for your evening walk or the media applications you use at night to assist you with slowing down from a bustling day.Android 11

Notwithstanding everything coming to Pixel first, you’ll additionally get the entirety of the extraordinary new Android 11 highlights also, giving you simpler approaches to deal with your discussions, associated gadgets, security and past.

Android 11 starts turning out to Pixel gadgets today; become familiar with the entirety of the Android 11 updates here.

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