‘Thanda khana, tatta nhona, te kudiyan di gallan ch na aunaa, aehi ten cheejan bachai firdiyan ne jatt Ambarsariye nu’ (Cold food, hot showers and not being tricked by young ladies, these are the three things, which have been protecting Jatt Ambarsariya), declares an especially certain Diljit Dosanjh also known as Jatt Ambarsariya (as he gets a kick out of the chance to call himself in the film) in one of the underlying scenes of the film. What’s more with that, Dosanjh as of now has generally our consideration.


Playing a protection specialist, who carries on with a double life as a RAW specialist, Diljit’s person basically gets by on mockery and joke of pretty much every other person in the film, a lot of like the characters he has tried previously. In any case, think about when you have a comic planning as perfect as Dosanjh’s joined with the honesty of his eyes and that energetically naughty grin, the ‘interesting Punjabi kid’ stretch never goes downhill. Furthermore our Jatt Ambarsariya (JA) is by all accounts acing it such that when he is in the edge, all the other things appears to be unimportant.

The story spins around JA, who being awesome at all that he does, is currently put set for save the genuine and optimistic Home Minister of Punjab from a medication mafia who is plotting the priest’s homicide. From the prompts he has gotten from his chief (Gul Panag), Gurpreet Ghuggi, Rana Ranbir and Lauren Gottlieb end up being his suspects. Over the span of the mission, JA likewise meets Navneet Kaur Dhillon (his supervisor at the insurance agency) and Monica Gill (his property manager) and as is required from him, he figures out how to dazzle both the women.
However it wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that ‘Ambarsariya’ is a without a doubt Diljit film, Dheeraj Rattan’s flawlessly written content appears to have done equity to each character. What further works in the film’s approval is the way that it has on board capable entertainers like Gul, Ghuggi and Rana who make their solid presence felt, regardless of the restricted screen time they have. The exchanges are incredibly interesting and you could just expect a Diljit Dosanjh to convey them no sweat.

Mandeep Kumar’s course keeps you as eager and anxious as can be continually pondering whom will Diljit sentiment or which of the three suspects is the real offender. Avoid it to Mandeep to drain the best with regard to every one of his entertainers. While he keeps the focus on Diljit, he additionally ensures that no other person gets eclipsed by his quality. Diljit’s scenes with a youngster entertainer, the gem dealer scene among Diljit and Navneet Kaur Dhillon and the peak scene is a presentation of Kumar’s sheer ability.

Adding to the visual appeal (separated, obviously, from the attractive Mr Dosanjh) are the perfectly caught districts of the blessed city of Amritsar. The airborne shots of the Golden Temple are most certainly a treat to watch.
The main failure point here is Lauren Gottlieb, whose character appears to be somewhat constrained. Her battle with Punjabi is noticeable all through the film, which likewise denies her of some great, clever exchanges. Other than that, ‘Ambarsariya’ is the ideal portion of diversion you couldn’t imagine anything better than to have this end of the week.